Mistakes During Roof Installation

Mistakes During Roof Installation

The roof is one of the main structural elements of the house. The performance of the entire building depends on the quality of the roof installation. Therefore, the arrangement of the roof should be carried out in full accordance with the project, trying to avoid the mistakes that will be discussed in this article.

What are the consequences of improper roof installation?

The roof in the house performs certain functions. Therefore, mistakes in the arrangement of the roof can create a situation when in a few years the roof structure will come to an emergency. This will increase the risk of damaging other elements of the building. So, you have to look for funds for unscheduled roof repairs.

There are two main types of roofs: attic and mansard. In the second case, correcting mistakes will cost much more. After all, to provide access to the repair site, you will have to disassemble many elements and structures of the mansard.

A quality roof made by professionals must withstand wind, mechanical, and snow loads without losing its performance characteristics. Even with sudden temperature changes.

Typical mistakes in the installation of the roof

As a rule, mistakes in the installation of the roof occur due to the unprofessionalism of the performers or due to the customer’s desire to save.

Deviation from the norms of the project

Quite often at the time of work decisions are made to change the structure or its individual elements. However, simplifying the design or changing the parameters of its individual elements can unbalance the entire system. The roof will not perform its functions. Even worse, when the work is done without any project. Here, as in a lottery, the master will be able, guided by experience, to take into account all the nuances or not.

Replacement of material without recalculation of a design

Replacement of roofing material leads to a change in operational and engineering parameters of the roofing system. Also, it is necessary to take into account such points as the durability of the modified structure and its fire resistance. All changes must be agreed upon with experts and, if necessary, make changes to the project. Improper roof installation is dangerous. Only specialists can do everything efficiently and reliably.

Mistakes in the installation of all types of insulation

For example, the lack of a quality layer of waterproofing will nullify the effectiveness of all insulation materials. And the roof insulation made with mistakes will not allow keeping heat. Accordingly, there will be extra costs for heating the house in the cold season. We should not forget about the role of the vapor barrier. Moisture that will accumulate inside the roof structure will significantly reduce the service life. Also, the entire roof structure must be ventilated.

Poor execution of the lattice and connection

Quite often, to save, make a lattice, the parameters of which do not allow to provide a basis for roofing material. In this case, the reliability of the design is far from ideal. The same goes for adjacency. Ventilation structures, chimneys must be carefully sealed. In this case, the design must remain reliable and fully meet all the requirements of the project.

Mistakes with installing drainage

The main task of the drainage system is to ensure proper drainage. The following factors should be taken into account: the area and shape of the roof, the angle of inclination of roof structures, the quality of coverage, climatic conditions of a particular area.

It is worth buying and installing all the roof elements that are provided by the project. Meanwhile, quite often people give up one or more elements. This leads to a violation of the reliability, durability, and functionality of structures. Improper roofing is a problem for the whole building. Therefore, such work should be performed by specialists with experience and qualifications.

Mistakes that allow during the operation of the roof

Even during the installation of the roof structure, it is necessary to ensure the possibility of its maintenance and repair without damage during movement on its. Shoes should have a soft sole and evenly distribute the pressure of the foot on the roofing material.

Bituminous shingles become soft in warm weather. Therefore, it is better to walk on it in the cold season. And for some materials walking on the roof is prohibited. For this purpose, it is necessary to use special designs.

Roof mistakes lead to loss of performance of the entire building.

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