Asphalt Shingle – Quiet And Reliable Roofing Material

Asphalt Shingle - Quiet and Reliable Roofing MaterialAsphalt shingles: advantages and composition

This type of roofing is a cross between a soft and a hard roof. Asphalt-covered roofing first appeared in America, initially, it was cardboard with bitumen applied on both sides. The roofing material was cut into individual pieces called shingles, as a result, it can be either rectangular or cut into a hexagon.

The asphalt shingle gained popularity thanks to the characteristics which depend on the materials used in its production.

Structure of asphalt shingle

In the modern market, there are mainly products based on fiberglass. It is a synthetic fabric, which is obtained by melting inorganic glass, consisting of natural materials: soda, quartz sand, dolomite, and lime. The result is an environmentally friendly material with high wear resistance.

Fiberglass consists of fibers bonding together by resins. It is carried out in two ways:

  • wet: the fibers are foaming, and from this mass are forming glass canvas;
  • dry: the fibers are obtained by squeezing inorganic glass, settling on the bottom of the container, and after, it forming into a canvas and drying in a camera.

Thanks to fiberglass asphalt shingle have the following properties:

  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • dimensional stability;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • resistance to chemical exposure;
  • fire resistance;
  • flexibility;
  • elasticity.

The second component of the asphalt shingle is asphalt – a natural raw material that has a resin structure. To obtain certain properties, asphalt is modified by combining it with various polymeric additives.

The third component of a bituminous tile is a mineral powder. It is used as a protective layer and gives the shingle an appearance.

Using high-quality components gives the chance to reduce the water-absorbing characteristics of the material to zero which does an asphalt shingle steady against rotting and corrosion processes.

And due to its flexibility and elasticity, a soft roof can be used for roofs of any configuration, even domed ones. So, a large advantage is the ability to replace damaged shingles without compromising the integrity of the entire roofing.

The technology of laying asphalt shingle

Construction norms and rules must be accounting for the installation and selection of materials. This is a soft roofing material, so a special preparation surface is required to secure it to avoid sagging and deformation of the shingles.

There are two possible options for the basis:

  1. in the form of continuous flooring;
  2. in the form of a lattice.

Wood is most often is using as a base material.

What affects the service life of the roof of the asphalt shingle?

That the roof from a bituminous tile served for many years, as well as the house constructed on a turn-key basis, it is important, in the selection of the type of tile to consider:

  • a roof design
  • condition in which the house will be operating
  • it is important to strictly adhere to the technology of laying, using only high-quality consumables.

Importance of Quality

Complete with a tile manufacturers often offer special fastening which raises the quality of installation and raises operational characteristics of a roof.

When installing the roof, it is necessary to perform quality ventilation, because, it will rid the wooden elements of excess moisture, and prevent the development of rot. And the insulation will prevent condensation.

It is better to mount an asphalt shingle in a warm season the air temperature was more than 5 degrees. At low temperatures, the installation of a soft roof is difficult, especially in strong winds. In this case, the shingles are difficult to join and provide the necessary sealing.

The caring of an asphalt roof consists of its constant clearing from leaves and organic pollution to exclude processes of rotting. Moreover, with proper installation and regular care, your roof will last a long time.

Picture Credit: Pexels