How To Install And How To Care For Your Metal Roof

How to Care for Your Aluminum RoofOne of the most popular roofing materials nowadays is metal tile. It is easy to operate, lightweight, and does not require large financial costs. But it is not enough just to lay a metal tile on a roof, it is necessary to look after it also.

With proper care, a metal roof will retain all its performance characteristics and advantages for a long time.

Retaining Performance Characteristics and Advantages of Metal Roofs

The metal tile consists of sheet steel covered with a layer of zinc. Zinc is applied by hot-dip galvanizing and serves to protect the metal from corrosion. Next, a passivating layer, primer, and polymer coating are applied. The polymer protects the product from mechanical damage, ultraviolet radiation, and adverse natural phenomena.

The Composition and Protective Layers of Metal Tile

The metal tile is laid on the rafter system, which can be made of wood or metal. After laying the roofing material, it should be carefully checked for scratches and damage. After all, a scratch not detected in time in the future can lead to corrosion of the metal and the formation of rust. If scratches are found, the damaged area should be washed and dried well, after which a layer of protective enamel is applied to it.

Preventing Damage

Most often, damage to metal occurs during its installation. This can be caused by the unprofessionalism of employees, incorrectly selected tools or violation of laying technology.

Importance of Following Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions

Before the beginning of roofing works it is necessary to study carefully the instruction on installation of a metal tile which is given by its manufacturer. This will help avoid mistakes when laying the roofing material.

Cutting Metal Tiles and Proper Tool Selection

Quite often because of difficult configurations of roofs a metal tile should be cut. To do this, use only those tools that are approved by the manufacturer. For example, scissors for metal or any other specialized tools for cutting metal are perfect for these purposes. For oblique cutting, a hand-held circular electric saw is used, which has carbide cutting elements. Under no circumstances should cutting abrasive discs be used.

Treating Cut Edges and Removing Metal Shavings

After cutting the edges of the sheets must be treated with anti-corrosion composition and special paint. All metal shavings are carefully removed, otherwise, it can lead to rust and damage to the surface layer of the metal tile. During installation, walk on the roofing material only in shoes with soft soles to avoid scratches and damage. If the surface of the metal tile is dirty, you can remove the dirt with water using a mild detergent.

Dealing with Damaged Polymer Coating and Scratches

It happens that during roofing the layer of the polymer coating is damaged. This will not cause great damage to the roof, as the zinc coating will protect the metal from corrosion, and scratches just need to be painted over. The main thing is to pay attention to whether you missed any scratches.

Proper Storage of Metal Tiles

If the roofing work does not start immediately, it is necessary to take care of the storage of metal tiles. For proper storage, wooden slats are placed between the sheets of metal, and the material itself is placed at an angle so that rainwater drains and does not stagnate on the sheets. Transfer the metal tile carefully, holding it by the edges. It is best to do it in gloves because the edges of the sheet are very sharp, and you can cut your hands.

  • After laying the roof, metal tiles should be washed every five to six years. To do this, use special remedies that are designed to clean lacquered surfaces.
  • In winter, snow should be removed from the roof from time to time, using a brush that should be from soft material.
  • It is possible to step on a metal tile only in those places where it fastens to a lattice.
  • Every couple of years it is necessary to tighten the special self-tapping screws that fastened the sheets.

With proper installation of metal tiles and periodic care for it, your roof will last more than a decade and will give you warmth and comfort in the house. A variety of shapes and colors of metal will delight the eye and give the house a modern and elegant look.

Picture Credit: Pexels