Tips For Arrangement Of Roof Thermal Insulation

Tips For Arrangement Of Roof Thermal Insulation

The first stage in the insulation of a roof is the installation of waterproofing. When installing the waterproofing, you need to leave a small ventilation gap between it and the insulation in order to ensure free air circulation and prevent the formation of condensation. The waterproofing cloth is fastened overlapping by means of a stapler across a roof slope, thus it is not recommended to stretch it too much not to block air channels. After that, it is possible to start laying of heat-insulating material.

Usually, waterproofing is installed at the stage of roofing with roofing material.

Insulation sheets should be about 2 cm wider than the pitch between the rafters – this ratio will ensure a tight fit of the insulation material to the work surfaces, therefore – it be the best insulation.

Then the vapor barrier is installed again. At this stage, it is important not to allow coincidence of joints of cloths between layers of a heater, differently heat-insulating fibers risk to be spoiled by rain.

For the arrangement of the waterproofing layer should be used materials that do not allow moisture, but are able to remove it from the insulation.

The most famous are:

  • roofing material;
  • polyethylene film;
  • glassine;
  • foil materials laid with foil in the direction of the attic.

In the case of a non-standard type of rafters to cut the sheets of insulation will have to choose based on the width of the canvas.

Depending on the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the insulating material, it can be placed in one or several layers. In the course of works, it is important to avoid loose and free laying of heat-insulating plates between rafters and to adhere to strict uniformity in their layers.

It is also unacceptable to lay slabs with any defects – this can lead to gaps in the layers of insulation. And at the laying of each new layer of a heater, it is necessary to control the size of a ventilating backlash between it and a waterproofing membrane. For this purpose, it is possible to use the conductor from a bar prepared in advance taking into account the set height.

Picture Credit: Unsplash