Recommendations for the Care of Metal Roofing

Recommendations for the Care of Metal Roofing

As long as the recommended installation, proper operation, and maintenance, a metal roofing can last more than half a century, while maintaining an aesthetic appearance.

After installing the metal tile on the roof, caring for it consists of two main types of work — cleaning the surface of debris and dirt, and monitoring the condition of fasteners.

Garbage collection

Every year, in autumn or spring, organic debris is removed from the roof surface — leaves, needles, branches, moss. This is especially true for suburban cottages located in a forested area. Usually, they do it manually, removing garbage from problem areas — adjoining, valleys, drainage systems.

Work on cleaning the roof of debris is performed in shoes with rubber soles using soft brushes. It is important to observe safety precautions — the surface of the metal tile must be dry, the wet coating is very slippery, and a fall is fraught not only with injuries but also with damage to the roof.

Contamination removal

The surface of the metal tile is cleaned of impurities by a natural stream of rainwater — usually, this is enough. If desired, you can additionally wash the roof with a directed stream of water with a pressure of up to 50 bar.

To remove stubborn stains, it is allowed to use detergents that do not destroy the polymer coating, white spirit, and soft rags. Residues after use must be washed off with water.

Checking and pulling fasteners

It is recommended to annually check the tightening of the screws. During operation, they weaken, the rubber wears out. This can cause water to leak through the body of the self-tapping screw into the under-roof space, so periodically the fasteners need to be tightened. In the west, screws over the entire roof area are tightened at least once every five years.

Preventive maintenance and caring for a roof made of metal extend its life, saving owners from major problems in the operation of the entire building.

Picture Credit: Unsplash